Acetone boric acid Rezortsynol – Fukortsin bottles 10 ml



Latin name srdlpp

Release form

Solution for external use


Bottle of 10 ml.

Pharmacological action

Fucorcin has antiseptic and antifungal effects.


– Pustular skin disease.

– Superficial wounds, abrasions, cracks, erosion.


Hypersensitivity to the drug.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

Fucorcin is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation.

Dosage and administration

Apply to the lesion 2-4 times / day. After drying, ointments and pastes can be applied to the treated area.

Side effects

Short-term burning sensation and pain, which passes on its own and does not require discontinuation of the drug.

Drug Interaction

Interaction with other medicinal products is unknown.


Not described.

Storage conditions

In a cool, dark place.


2 Year

Active ingredient

Acetone, Boric acid, Rezortsynol

Dosage form

dosage form

solution for naru

Moscow Pharmaceutical Factory CJSC, Russia