Hyaluronat sodium – Fermatron syringe 1% 2 ml



Release form

Solution for single intraarticular injection


1 syringe.

Pharmacological action

Fermatron Synovial fluid prosthesis:

restores visco-elastic and protective properties of the joint fluid

reduces inflammatory reactions

eliminates pain

increases joint mobility

restores homeostasis in the cartilage

stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid

is indicated for any stage of osteoarthritis and after arthrocopy administered intraarticularly with an interval of 7 days

long-term effect and the absence of side effects

the only contraindication Fermathron use: infection in the injection area.


For analgesia and improved mobility of the knee joint and other synovial joints in patients with mild or moderate osteoarthrosis, caused by degenerative changes or traumatic injuries of the synovial joint.


Do not administer Fermatron plus for inflammation or for signs of skin diseases at the injection site, hypersensitivity to sodium hyaluronate.

Use during pregnancy and lactation

The safety of the use of the drug Fermatron plus during pregnancy and lactation has not been established. The appointment of the drug during pregnancy and lactation at the discretion of the orthopedic surgeon.

Special instructions

Do not use if washing packaging is damaged. Sodium hyaluronate is obtained by fermentation of Streptococcus equi bacteria and thoroughly cleaned. However, the physician must take into account the immunological effects and potential risks associated with the injection of any biological substance. Sterile product is for single use only. Follow instructions for safe use and disposal of needles. In case of injury, consult a doctor immediately. Not intended for children.


2 ml solution contains:

Active ingredient: sodium hyaluronate 20 mg

Dosage and administration

The drug should be administered only by medical professionals, special training. The recommended dose is the introduction into the cavity of the affected synovial joint once a week from one to three injections, depending on the severity of osteoarthritis. For patients with osteoarthritis of the knee joints of mild or moderate severity, it is recommended to inject 2.0 ml of the drug into the synovial cavity of the knee joint once a week for 1-3 weeks.

Side effects

With intra-articular administration, temporary passing pain and swelling are possible.

In patients with inflammatory osteoarthritis after administration of the drug, synovial joint inflammation may temporarily increase.

In rare cases, an inflammatory reaction is possible, which may or may not be associated with the introduction of Fermatron.

Drug interaction

Compatibility of the simultaneous intra-articular administration of the drug Fermatron plus with other substances was not tested. Therefore, mixing or simultaneous administration of others inside the joint preparations is not recommended.

Storage Conditions

Store in a dark place at 2 ° C to 25 ° C. Do not freeze.

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Hyaluronat sodium

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