sodium hyaluronate – Adant solution for intraarticular injection 10 mg /ml 2.5 ml syringe prefilled.



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Intra-articular injection


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Pharmacological action

Sodium hyaluronate – the active active ingredient of the drug ADANT has chondroprotective properties. Sodium hyaluronate belongs to the class of glycosaminoglycans and is one of the main components of synovial (intraarticular) fluid, which allows its use as a substitute for synovial fluid in case of inflammatory processes.

Hyaluronic acid is also a building material for proteoglycan biosynthesis. The cause of arthrosis, osteochondrosis is a decrease in the number of proteoglycans in the cartilage. The drug improves joint mobility and alleviates pain in case of osteoarthritis of the knee and periarthritis of the shoulder joints, restoring the physiological and rheological properties of synovial fluid.

The tool also restores the synthesis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, similar to normal, cells of the synovial membrane of the joint affected by a chronic degenerative or inflammatory process. Without this stimulus, hyaluronic acid molecules synthesized by synoviocytes (cells of the synovial membrane of the joint) have a weight less than normal. The latter mechanism of action may explain the long-term clinical effect of the drug.

Intra-articular administration of sodium hyaluronate improves joint function, thus relieving pain caused by knee osteoarthritis and Steinbroker syndrome, improves joint mobility and normalizes the affected synovial membrane.


– Osteoarthritis of the knee and Steinbroker syndrome

– Osteoarthritis of the trapezius-carpal joint I, II and III degree

– Pain and limitation of mobility due to changes in the genital and other degenerative and hernias.



Hypersensitivity – Allergy to components

preparation – Pregnancy

– Breastfeeding

– Children ages.

Special instructions

Avoid contact with disinfectants, such as ammonium salts (including benzalkonium chloride or chlorhexidine), since a precipitate may form ..

The effect of the drug on the ability to drive vehicles and engage in other potentially dangerous activities requiring increased concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions has not been established.


1 syringe contains:

Active ingredient: 25 mg sodium hyaluronate

Excipients: sodium chloride, sodium hydrogen phosphate dodecahydrate, concentrated hydrochloric acid,

sodium hydroxide, water for injection.

Dosage and Administration

Adults are recommended to administer intraarticular injection of the drug once a week for 5 weeks. The tool should be injected into the inter-articular gap of the knee joint, shoulder joint (inter-articular gap of the shoulder joint, pidacromial bag, sheath of the tendon of the long flexor), trapezius-wrist joint, or affected synovial joint. In the case of introducing into the trapezius-carpal joint, two methods of drug administration are recommended, depending on the degree of osteoarthritis: the lateral external route (rhizoarthrosis of the I degree) and the introduction between the fingers at the site of the first adhesion (rhizoarthrosis of the II and III degree). The decision to use this or that method is made in each individual case. In this regard, the introduction is easier to carry out under the endoscope. In all cases, the dose should be adjusted in accordance with the severity of the manifestations of the disease. With intraarticular administration of the drug, the following requirements should be observed:

Since ADANT is inserted into the inter-articular space, the operation should be performed only under sterile conditions.

If there is no sign of improvement during the first 5 weeks of use, treatment should be discontinued.

If there is even a slight decrease in the content of synovial fluid, a joint puncture should be done.

Use caution to avoid administering ADANT to the blood vessels.

Avoid contact with eyes.

Considering the viscoelasticity of the preparation, it is recommended to use 22-23 g needles.

If the preparation is frozen, allow it to warm to room temperature before use.

Use the tool only once and immediately after opening. Unused drug residues should be disposed of.

Side effects


Pain, redness, swelling, burning sensation and fullness at the injection site.

In rare cases, allergic reactions can occur. In such cases, the use of the drug should be stopped immediately.

Anaphylactic shock has been reported occasionally. In case of its occurrence, it is necessary to stop the use of the drug, carefully examine the patient and provide appropriate treatment.

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Sodium hyaluronate

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