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Statin – Statin hemostatic powder 1 g 5 pcs



Release form

Hemostatic powder


5 sachets of 1 g each

Pharmacological action

STATIN – a hemostatic powder that stops capillary bleeding at the time of application, and moderate bleeding in 8-10 seconds. It forms a gentle gel-like layer on the surface of the wound, which reliefly covers the affected tissue of any configuration. The gel-like coating provides good water and gas exchange in the wound, painless dressings, prevents adhesions.


Due to its ability to dissolve, STATIN can be used in operations on internal organs. STATIN provides a good cosmetic effect, does not leave scars. STATIN is used to treat bleeding wounds, burns after removal of necrotic tissue, donor wounds with dermoplasty, during operations on parenchymal organs, operations to remove tonsils, adenoids, etc., as well as in dentistry.

STATIN is also used to treat the skin around the stoma. If irritation or microcracks occur on the skin around the stoma, it is treated with STATIN during the period when the patient does not use a colopriem, and leave it on the skin for as long as possible. STATIN must be removed before use.

Active ingredient


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